My name is Aubrey - and this is my face.

My name is Aubrey - and this is my face.

Crystals in the Dirt.

Tonight I came home and my husband was happily snugged into bed with the quilt tucked up around his shoulders and chin.
“Get up, put some shorts on.. I have something amazing to show you.”
I took his hand and lead him outside to our sidewalk and down our street until we reached the corner of the park, and walked over it to the corner of the baseball field. We crossed the stretch to the center of the sand and I asked him, “Do you see anything amazing about this baseball field? I discovered something spectacular about it earlier.”
He seemed confused..
For obvious reasons I’m told.

"The sand sparkles just like snow. Isn’t that amazing?"

You could tell he was in love by the way he looked at her. Other girls were faint stars; she was his sun.

—unknown (via thelostdialogue)

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